Odk collect app for windows (PC) (Download Now)

Odk collect is an amazing app that solves many piles of paper. With the help of this app, one can completely replace the standard paper forms. Now you might argue what is so special even Google Forms or any other free forms platform does the same. But here Odk collect shines in its own way.

In any form platform or portal out there, it carries some or the other limitations. On the other hand, Odk collect makes it so easy for you to collect data online. Indeed, this app or portal is used to conduct many surveys varying in different platforms and industries. And the management of all the collected data is just seamless. Some of its applications include healthcare, politics, business management, environmental issues, and more.

Download Odk Collect App for Windows

All in all, Odk collect should be your top choice to conduct any survey or handle a big set of data. And the fact that it is completely free and open-source makes it even better. Being open-source can guarantee better updates and support for further times. By far, it is good that you can install Odk collect app and use it on your phone. But for Windows PC there is no official app available. On that note, here is a workaround with which you can install Odk collect on your Windows PC.

Install Odk Collect on Windows PC:

Before beginning with the process of installing Odk collect you need to either install one or run the current Android Emulator. It is not like that there is any specific emulator needed for this app. In general, any Android emulator will do. But for those who are yet to install, Bluestacks and Nox Player would be my choice.

Download Odk Collect App for Windows


With that emulator being ready, we can proceed further. Just open the Google Play Store in the emulator and either sign up or log in to any Google Account. Now here, my suggestion would be to log in with your primary account. By doing so it helps to better sync and manage your apps.

Once done, just go to the search bar and type in for Odk collect and install the first one (neglecting ad or sponsored apps if any). And right away install it there you go. So, that’s pretty much it. Not to mention, even the interface is exactly the same as a mobile app as it is indeed a mobile app. With the magic of the emulator, you can run Android apps right on your PC.


In short, this quick tutorial might be turned out to be helpful in your case. If so, do consider sharing it with your friends’ network who are in search of such an app. Also, with such apps, even the environment is in good hands as it saves paper and a lot more resources.