Fix CBErrors error 0 on Coinbase 2021

Coinbase is a simple-to-use website for beginners in the world of cryptocurrency. Lately, cryptocurrency has become extensively popular. Now, not everyone is well aware of this new form of transaction. So, Coinbase makes it easy for such users. Not just that, this platform also comes with a simple user interface, privacy protection, insurance policy, and many other features. 

A noteworthy highlight of Coinbase is that it is available on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac. And talking about different devices, Apple users have been reporting the CBErrors error 0. In other words, if you try to log in to your Coinbase account from any Apple device, then it shows this error code. If you are also facing the same issue, then here are a few ways to fix it. 

Fix CBErrors error 0 in Coinbase: 

As mentioned above, this error code is limited only to Apple devices, which include iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. If you are browsing for this article, then it is pretty sure that you own any one of the above. Also, you will get this error only if you are trying to log in with a compatible app. On the other hand, if you open any mobile browser and search for the official website, you can easily do it. 

Is means that there is something wrong with the optimization of the Coinbase app for the Apple ecosystem. To ensure, try to log in to the same account on any other device. If you get no error, then stick to this article. But, if the error persists, then it is advisable to look around for customer support. As it is evident that the problem is not just limited to Apple devices, it is lying around something else. 

So, for the first category, try to clear the cache memory of the app. You need to navigate to the Settings -> General -> Storage and iCloud Usage. On the next page, tap on Storage and select the Coinbase app from the list. Finally, tap on clear the cache, and that’s it. On the same note, check if reinstalling the app and signing in again to the account works for your device. 

If the above steps fail, then the only option left to do is to reset your device. Also, remember to take a proper backup of all the files and apps on your device. As after resetting, you cannot retrieve any of the data back onto your device. Apart from that, some users on the Reddit page suggested switching the country using a VPN on the device. 


To conclude, at least one of the above steps will hopefully work in most of the cases. That being said, it is always recommended to contact the official support team in case of better assistance. Also, make sure to check if the issue exists when tried to log in with a different account. Lastly, consider sharing this with your friends and other networks as well.