Google Camera Go with HDR mode is now available (Download Now)

Google Camera Go is the budget version of the highly popular Google Camera from Google. Here the word budget implies that it is aimed at low budget phones. Google Camera Go made its official debut with the release of Nokia 1.3. In fact, it was the first low budget phone that came with this app inbuilt. Since then, we have seen a couple of devices that came with Google Camera Go.

Google Camera Go Edition: 

Despite being a Go edition, it hardly falls out of any features from the original version. Now, we do get those features like Portrait Mode, Lens Blur, etc. Considering that it was released just 9 months ago, Google is trying the best way to work on the updates. With updates that can bring more and more features to Google Camera Go.

Due to this, we can see that in October Google release an update including Night Mode. As we know this app is meant for low-end budget phones with a price tag of around 8 to 10k INR, maybe even lower. Low-end phones imply lower hardware of camera sensors, ISP in chipsets, and more. But apart from these shortcomings, Google managed to get Night mode baked for Google Camera Go.

hdr for google camera go

The magic lies in the algorithm. What is does it that in a single frame the camera clicks multiple shots on a scale of different exposures. Once done, it processes them to create and merge them into a single photo. As a result, you get a photo-rich in colors, contrast ratio, etc. even under lower light conditions.

HDR Mode on Google Camera Go available now:

Well, the above instance was for the night mode feature in Camera Go. Recently, the Twitter handle of Android confirms that Google Camera Go now also supports HDR mode. Basically, the HDR mode works best in the representation of colors. It is one of the features that has been in smartphones for quite some time now. But talking about lower-end models, there is barely any mention if any company does then it is there just for namesake.

So, it is really appreciable to see that Google has finally bought HDR mode for lower-end models with the help of Google Camera Go. For those who don’t know, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. At its core, dynamic range is the ratio of the brightest and darkest pixel color. With the help of HDR, the camera understands and calculates the dynamic range of the photo and adjusts the colors. Finally, you get a rich photo that has balanced colors and contrast throughout the photo.

hdr mode for google camera go

In your interest, you can test this mode by installing Camera Go with the link below. Avoid any message shown as being harmful and toggle on install from unknown sources. Once the file is downloaded, just open the APK and install the app right away.


In short, it is good to see HDR mode coming to Camera Go. That being said, it will also be good to see more and more devices coming with this Camera Go app in the first place. Lastly, do consider sharing with your friends who own a device with Android Go and especially comes with this app.