Kodi V20 Release date : Download now the Kodi 20 Developer build.

Kodi is a media centre that we always talk about. It is also popular with more than millions of users globally. These users include developers, app designers, and a regular audience. The main feature of Kodi is its open-source nature. Anyone can download it on any device and use it anywhere. Also, you can modify it as per your technical knowledge by taking the source code. But add-ons make Kodi stand out from the competition. Kodi is nothing without these add-ons.

If you have installed Kodi earlier, then you may know that the app does not have anything to stream in the first place. You have to download the add-ons as per your requirements. And there are a ton of them. That aside, Kodi is also known for constant updates. For your reference, Kodi 19.0 Matrix released on 20th February 2021. This date implies a complete stable release. Just after that, or maybe even before that, they started working on Kodi V20. So, in this article, we will take a closer look at the same.

How to download Kodi V20 developer build:

Just like Android, or any other software, Kodi also releases developer builds. These builds aims at a niche set of users who can download these files and test them. With this, the development team will have a clear idea and feedback about the bugs, issues, and errors in the current version. Also, they constantly update these builds to improve some of the other bugs in the system. So, Kodi V20 is just here with its alpha builds. 

If you follow up on the news, then you may observe that Kodi V20 is released recently. This build is called alpha release. For those who do not know, alpha releases are the first phase of development. After this, we have beta releases with developer previews and finally a stable release. As of now, this process may take at least a year. As a result, you may expect Kodi V20 around January or February 2022

Before you download this developer build, here are a few things to note. Make sure to take a proper backup of all the add-ons, settings, files, and other data. Also, Kodi does not recommend installing these builds on your primary devices. Because it may cause some errors and misfunctions of the device. 

Overall, you get the idea. This new Kodi V20 is not ready for everyone yet. Not to mention, the list of add-ons is less for Kodi V20. With that in mind, you should wait for at least a beta release. If you still want to try out this developer build, then click here to download the file as per your device. For the stable release here, are the following links: 


In a nutshell, Kodi V20 is for that tiny category of users. If you fall under that category, then make sure to use it with all instructions in mind. In case you come across any bug, then you can submit it here. For any feature request, you can submit it in the forum over here. Lastly, we will update with every new thing related to Kodi V20 and other topics. So, consider bookmarking our Kodi section to stay updated on any news related to it.