Magisk v21.2 download : Released with serval bugs fixes

Magisk is one of those names that you might have definitely come across in the world of android and rooting. In case you do not know, Magisk is an app in which you can root your device without actually modifying any of the system files. And for those who are skeptical to use in the first, this is developed by XDA developers. And XDA is a pretty popular and trustworthy name to go with. Recently, XDA has pushed the update v21.2 and v8.0.4 for Magisk and Magisk manager respectively. In this article, we will have a look at the changelog that this update brings along with it. With that said let’s begin.

What is Magisk and Magisk manager? 

Before getting to the update, it is really important to get the basic idea. And this will also help you clear out misconceptions, confusion if any. Magisk was launched in 2016 by one of the senior members of XDA developers. Also, this app is a great choice for those who want to get started with the rooting thing. Thanks to systemless root.

But that’s not everything about Magisk. There is a lot more to mention just apart from rooting. To begin with, Magisk is one of those apps that provides good and long support. This support is in terms of timely updates, community forums, and more. Next up, you get a good collection of features in the form of modules. Basically, modules are small programs that are made to enable or perform specific tasks. Ad blockers, Camera2API support, Widevine L1, etc. are some of the popular ones.

Magisk v21.2 Changelog and Features

Magisk v21.2 update changelog and fixes:

So far so good. But even for such an app, this one also fails in certain cases. Like there may be issues spreading over with device compatibility, unknown bugs, and more. Now, the good part is a team constantly works on these problems and pushes the update as soon as possible. Along with the Magisk v21.2 XDA has also brought updates to Magisk manager with v8.0.4 update.

First of all, the recent update has brought support to an even wide range of devices in the list and bringing enhancements, stability improvements for these. Apart from this, the app has also received a revamped design and upgrades in some UI elements. Now, coming to the main part, this update brings bug fixes that users reported in the previous ones.

Some of these bug fixes include trim the windows new line, fix the install-module command, prevent logcat by directing to the log file, and more. And coming to Magisk manager, more or less the same changelog continues to this as well. In the end, make sure to update your respective apps and clear all the previous bugs. In case you still face any problems, then make sure to report the same in the official GitHub repository.

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Long story short, it is really worth the appreciation that developers work on the bugs and come up with such updates. With this, the reliability and trust of its users will definitely rise. That being said, rooting is still not a cup of tea for many users. In case you have any such, share this with them and let them know about such an easy to use rooting app.