Plex for Roku v6.7.9 Released (Download now)

Plex has always been amongst the top options when it comes to a free media player. This is because they offer several live TV channels, movies, and shows for free. Also, this free content includes popular distributors such as Warner Bros, Lionsgate, Endemol Shine Group. On top of all these things, Plex constantly provides updates that will make the user experience even better.

On the note of updates, Plex has recently released v6.7.9 update for Roku. In case you do not know, Roku is a popular media streaming device. These media players support many other streaming platforms, OTT, and other apps. With these apps, you can watch more than thousands of movies, shows, web series, and more. In this plethora of apps, Plex is one of them.

Plex for Roku v6.7.9 released:

As mentioned earlier, Plex is always ahead when it comes to updates. Also, with these updates, they bring some changes and improvements to make it better. So, in the same lane, this new version is no different. Basically, now you have the ability to transcode the audio target to another audio file extensions. Earlier, Roku used to do this only on .mp3 format.

Plex for Roku v6.7.9 Released

Before understanding its users and pros, let us take a moment to under the basic idea of audio transcoding. Transcoding is a digital encoding format to another digital encoding format. These encoding files can be either audio or video. In other words, transcoding is the conversion of one video or audio file to another format.

Here let us stick only to audio formats in this case. But do note that the same will hold for video formats as well. Now, with this new update, does not transcode mp3 audio format during video playback. This implies that Roku video content need not transcode any audio or video formats to mp3. Some of these include AAC 7.1 and A3C 5.1.

Now, in my view, this transcoding elimination is really appreciable. On top of that, AAC is considered better than MP3 in both audio format and quality. Also, AAC comes with multiple file extensions such as mp4, 3gp, m4a, m4p. Not many may know this as mp3, but those who used iTunes will definitely remember. All in all, it is good to see AAC and other formats support on to Roku.

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Another thing to improve your Plex viewing experience is to opt for a Plex Pass subscription. The plans start just at around $4.99 per month. But, pay an amount of $119.99 once and get the lifetime subscription in your bag. With this pass, you get some cool and exclusive features that will make your overall app even better.


To conclude, this new Plex update for Roku has brought an interesting feature. So, make sure to update the same on your Roku device as well. If you did not receive the update, then wait for a few time. It may be possibly delayed in the staged update process. On that note, share this news about Plex update to your friends and others who have Roku.